China lodges solemn representations with U.S. over destroyer's trespass into territorial waters
Updated 15:40, 10-Jan-2019
China's Foreign Ministry on Monday said U.S. Navy's action in the South China Sea has violated Chinese law and related international regulations and that China has lodged solemn representations with the U.S. and urged it to stop such "provocative actions".
Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the remark at Monday's daily presser after reports of a U.S. guided-missile destroyer "the USS McCampbell" sailed near the South China Sea on Monday to carry out "freedom of navigation" operation "to challenge excessive maritime claims." 
"China sent military vessels and planes to investigate and identify the U.S. military ship and warned it to leave," Lu told reporters. 
Lu said the action, which "without the permission of the Chinese government" violated Chinese sovereignty and undermined peace, security and order in the related water. 
"China will continue to take the necessary measures to defend its national sovereignty and security."
When asked if it will affect the ongoing trade talk between Beijing and Washington, Lu said: "To properly solve any issues, including trade issues between China and the U.S. will do good not only to the two countries but also to the world and Washington and Beijing both bear responsibilities to create a good atmosphere for that."
Chinese military also issued a statement on Monday.
The People's Liberation Army Southern Theater Command will continue to watch closely Chinese waters and airspace to safeguard national sovereignty and security, senior colonel Li Huamin, spokesman of the command, said in a statement.