Behind the scene stories of gala celebrating 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties
By Wang Hui
I was sitting at the hotel to edit the videos for my story shot earlier, but I suddenly received a phone call. I was told that I finally got permission to go to the Bolshoi theater to shoot the rehearsal of the gala at 03:00 p.m. I have been trying to get this opportunity for a while, but I was once told that it may not work. So, this notice really surprised me. It was already 01:00 p.m., so I called my team members immediately to get ready.
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic ties, artists from both countries are going to join hands on the stage. The performance features both countries' traditional music and instruments. About 80 Russian artists will join 96 musicians from China National Traditional Orchestra. The Chinese artists have been preparing for three months.
I was surprised by how creative they are. Zhao Cong is a famous player of traditional Chinese instrument Pipa. She will play with two Russian balalaika players.
"I'm playing Pipa, which is called the king of Chinese folk music. The Russian musicians will play balalaika. We play dual. The music is a combination of two Chinese ones, but we have added a little Jazz style. It's kind of a universal language. I was really surprised that when we played together, it was extremely harmonious."
I talked to four musicians, two each from China and Russia. Each one has spoken highly about their partners from the other country. I can feel their sincere respect and admiration.
Alexei Vrodlivets, a balalaika player in Osipov Academic State Russian Folk Orchestra, said: "The Chinese musicians are incredibly capable. It is a pleasure to participate. And we are doing our best to be on par with them. " 
The Chinese side echoed their views.
"We have first joint rehearsal yesterday. We sense their pursuit of arts. We really admire them, " said Zhao Dongsheng, the deputy director of Chinese National Tradition Orchestra.
I was also impressed by the performance of a chorus. Although I couldn't understand any of their words, their delightful emotion really affected me. While singing, they stamp their feet and clap their hands. They also create unbelievable sound. It made me want to dance with them.
Also, the performance will be held in the world-renowned Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. 
As I recently did another story about a famous Chinese choreographer. He spent a year and a half here, learning from Yuri Grigorvich, who is called the father of Russia's symphony ballet. So I felt quite familiar.
About 800 works have been staged on this theater, including some classic ones, like Swan Lake, and Nutcracker. Many inspirational artists have also brought their talents there, including the choreographer Yuri Grigorvich, and ballerina Svetlana Zakharova. However, we were to busy to see around. What a pity!