Li Keqiang shows faith in China's economy and welcomes foreign talent
Updated 07:36, 26-Jan-2019

Premier Li Keqiang expressed confidence in China's economy and he welcomed skilled foreigners to work in the country during a symposium with foreign experts in Beijing on Friday.

Experts from countries such as the U.S., Germany, the UK, Cuba, and Sweden spoke on a wide range of topics including economic growth, technological innovation, smart manufacturing, and environmental protection.

Li said that China had achieved a stable performance overall in 2018 while securing progress in its economic development.

He added that growth of 6.6 percent last year was on the basis of sufficient employment and an improved environment.

While noting the challenges in 2019, the premier said his confidence in China's economy was based on the country's huge potential in economic development.

On the topic of reform, Li said China will unswervingly push forward reform, streamline government functions and administration, and delegate powers while improving regulation.

The premier also said the Chinese government will work to make it easier for foreign experts to work and live in China.