【Documentary】A true love story: 98-year-old Chinese man paints portrait in honor of his beloved wife
Updated 20:15, 26-Jan-2019

This is a lifelong love story that endures as times change in China. When Rao Pingru's wife Mao Meitang passed away, he began to paint memories of their lives – together and apart. He looked back and reflected, on love and sufferings, on happiness and death. In 2018, his painted book became a hit in countries including Britain, the U.S., France, Spain, and South Korea. CGTN has now reproduced his story, based on his life, words, and paintings.

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A Letter From Rao Pingru

"Life is too good to pass up. 

Leave no regrets regarding those you love.

Bear all things and hope for all things. 

Believe all things and endure all things. 

Happiness is only real when you truly love. 

Love never fails."