All clear after Time Warner Center 'suspicious package' threat
Updated 08:06, 29-Oct-2018
The Time Warner Center in New York City has been given an all-clear after the building has been evacuated earlier on Thursday night for the discovery of suspicious packages on the third floor.
"The report of a suspicious package at the Time Warner Building has been investigated by NYPD officers and has been deemed SAFE, no hazardous items found," NYPD confirmed on Twitter.
Twitter screenshot

Twitter screenshot

It was the second time in two days the building had been put on alert after a suspicious package was addressed to CNN New York bureau, which located in the building, on Wednesday. 
From October 22, 10 bombs have been sent to high-profile US figures including some prominent politicians.
None of the devices went off.
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US media reported that these string of bomb threats may have been sent from Florida.
CNN said on Thursday that a bomb squad is examining a mail distribution center near Miami where authorities believe several packages containing pipe bombs were processed.
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Following the series of bomb threats, US President Donald Trump lashed on US "mainstream media," saying the "media must stop the endless hostility."
The figures targeted were all politically against Trump.
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