Xi: China-Japan ties 'have returned to the right track'
Updated 20:16, 29-Oct-2018
Both China and Japan have pledged to strengthen bilateral ties amid continuous efforts made by the two nations. “Bilateral relations have returned to the right track and gained positive momentum,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said, adding that this is something the two sides should cherish. 
Xi made the remarks on Friday in Beijing during his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is the first Japanese leader to visit China in seven years. 
Leaders from the two sides have witnessed a wide range of agreements, including a 30 billion US dollar worth of currency swap pact, the establishment of a maritime and air liaison mechanism, and enhancing people-to-people exchanges.
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Good neighbors with mutual interests

"The long-term continuing development of Sino-Japan relationship corresponds to the basic interests of people from both China and Japan," President Xi said, "That is also the expectation of the international community."
As early as when it was back in 1978, then leaders from both sides signed Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which opened up exchanges in political, economic, cultural and scientific areas. The document also made sensitive issues like reviewing history properly and Taiwan issues clear.
"Both China and Japan need to follow the principles established in the four basic political documents," President Xi said, hoping to push bilateral ties a step further under the right direction.
CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

Multi-dimensional exchanges advancement 

President Xi called for pragmatic cooperation at a higher level, mentioning the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative for deeper economic cooperation.
"China's door of opening up will open even wider," the Chinese president said.
He also emphasized that political mutual trust between the two countries needs to be enhanced, to fulfill the mutual understanding of "partnerships with no threats to each other."
Group photo of Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, and students. /CGTN Photo

Group photo of Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, and students. /CGTN Photo

China welcomes Japan to participate in China's development more actively, Xi noted.

Japan vows to deepen ties 

"We are willing to deepen cooperation hands in hands with China in various fields," Prime Minister Abe said, emphasizing his interest in the Belt and Road Initiative and decision to further work together in the third-party market. 
Abe welcomes China's decision to further open up to the outside world and is willing to participate along the way. 
The Japanese prime minister delivers his wish at the end. He looks to embark a new era of Japan-China relationship after his three-day visit, which ends Saturday.