Coach transport during travel rush, busy but in order
Updated 16:04, 26-Jan-2019
By Jonathan Betz, Liu Jiaxin

The travel rush is on. We've talked about these huge numbers. Three billion trips over 40 days. Hundreds of millions on trains and planes.

But many people are also traveling by bus. And many here will pass through this bus station – it's one of the city's busiest. Here's the departure board. One to Langfeng for 20 yuan, and it's a 90-minute trip for about three U.S. dollars. So this is a budget-friendly way to travel.

It has a lot of conveniences too. Few restaurants or coffee shops are seen at the bus station, but once an hour some vendors would walk through asking: “Would you like some hot water?”

And now the journey has begun. These bus seats are slightly wider than what I've seen – bigger armrests. All for the best, probably, because this is a nine-hour journey. For these people, it is worth it to be home with their families for the holidays.