Internet provides rural classrooms access to high-quality education resources
With the rapid development of Internet technology in China, rural classrooms are embracing high-quality education resources, the People's Daily reported on Tuesday, citing two online teaching platforms as examples.
South China Normal University established an online platform that enables teachers from rural areas to communicate with experts and seasoned teachers.
Through the platform, experts can watch classes given by rural teachers and offer suggestions for teaching methods.
Statistics show that as of January, over 1,600 "teachers' workshops" have been built and 266,498 micro-classes have been uploaded on the platform, where nearly 6,000 classes have been aired and received more than 800,000 views, according to the newspaper.
Another platform offers students access to quality classes by putting students from different regions into an online classroom where they can see and interact with each other.
There was previously a class that joined 28,000 students from 112 schools across the country, the newspaper said.
The platform can also help correct students' homework, relieving teachers of some burdens.
Initiated by Chongqing No. 29 Middle School in 2015, the platform has been joined by more than 600 schools nationwide.
A middle school in Mangshi City, southwestern Yunnan Province, has taken part in the program for three years, during which 82.6 percent of the students entered high schools, from 55.8 percent before, according to the newspaper.
The platform not only shares education resources with rural schools in a low-cost and efficient way but also improves teachers' skills and innovates training for the teachers, Li Defang, professor of Beijing Normal University, was quoted as saying.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency