Xi congratulates CASS Chinese History Institute's establishment
Updated 19:28, 06-Jan-2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday sent a message of congratulations on the establishment of the Institute of Chinese History of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and expressed his vision to researchers and the development of Chinese history study.
"History is like a mirror for people to draw wisdom for modern times," Xi pointed out in his letter and added that studying history is the foundation for all other social sciences. He wished that history researchers draw lessons from the past and push forward social development.
Appreciating history, studying history and learning from history are a good tradition of the Chinese people. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the older generation of history scholars yielded fruitful results in the study of Chinese history. Xi said he hopes scholars of the Institute will carry on the good tradition, improve their research and innovation ability by integrating resources from the field of world history and archaeology, and push forward the integrative development of historical study.
"Scholars should better learn from history, uncover the law of history and grasp the historical trend," he said. Xi also hoped that the Institute would accelerate the building of the discipline, and develop academic and discourse systems of history research with Chinese characteristics.
He encouraged the Institute to publish more in-depth research articles and nurture historians and scholars who are well-versed in both Chinese and Western cultures, so as to make contributions to the development of Chinese history studies and international exchanges and cooperation in this field.
 (Top photo: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. /VCG Photo)
(With input from Xinhua)