Bangkok's Marvel theme park goes bust after seven months

The Marvel Experience Thailand, a popular tourist destination in Bangkok, had a grand opening ceremony in June 2018. But within just seven months, the park, a 20,000 square meter theme complex which cost one billion baht (about 32 million U.S. dollars), closed on January 29.

The park, constructed at the Mega Bangna Shopping Centre in south-east Bangkok, was the largest Marvel theme park in Asia, with high-tech facilities including a 4D dynamic cinema and a 360-degree spherical projection.

Also, with adult tickets costing 1,500 baht (about 48 U.S. dollars), the visitors could apply for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's certificate and interact with 20 Marvel characters, which attracted many Marvel fans.

According to the Thaiger, a local newspaper, despite all the fanfare when the theme park opened in June 2018, it doesn't seem to have lived up to expectations given its poorly managed operations, poor production quality, and expensive ticket prices.

Some critics have pointed out that the theme park focused on Marvel comic books rather than the more popular movie series, so the characters were quite unfamiliar to the young people targeted by the park.