CGTN Sports Scene exclusive: Alex Hua Tian speaks his mind
Updated 16:45, 29-Aug-2018
Sports Scene
Since China’s first equestrian event debuted in the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 in Beijing, Alex Hua Tian has been competing for medals on behalf of his country. He is now holding the reins again for China at the 2018 Asian Games. In an exclusive interview with CGTN’s Sports Scene, he shared his story. Like horse-riding, Hua Tian's life and career is filled with ups and downs.
The British passport holder was the youngest participant in his sport during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and he put on a brave show despite falling off the horse during his maiden campaign. He was born in London to a Chinese father of Manchu descent and a British mother.
“I have represented China in every event starting from the first equestrian event in my career. Therefore, representing China has been quite natural to me and it’s not a chosen one.”
“I am half-Chinese, half-British but at the age of 15 my Chinese side stood out.”
Alex Hua Tian rides Don Geniro during an equestrian event on Olympic Games 2016 in Rio. /VCG File Photo

Alex Hua Tian rides Don Geniro during an equestrian event on Olympic Games 2016 in Rio. /VCG File Photo

Like any rider, he is deeply attached to his horses and understands the bond quite intensely.
“Equestrianism is not all about a good horse or a good rider but about the partnership that gets you going in the sport,” he mentioned.
“A human life span and that of a horse are different. Therefore, the duration of their careers are also not as long as ours. So this is very much a process in a rider’s career. You develop a really strong bond and when they move on, it’s a really difficult thing to come to terms with,” Alex informed.
Hua Tian qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio with horses Harbour Pilot C and Don Geniro. Alex added, “At Rio I actually did better than what I expected.”
The old Etonian has proved to be an outstanding ambassador for China and his sport. He visits China regularly and is an active participant for many social issues in China.