Diverse styles, materials blend charms of East, West
Updated 21:41, 05-Nov-2018
By Wang Wei
The ongoing China Fashion Week in Beijing is a remarkable display of diversity, with trench coats and floral prints dominating the runway.
A perennial favorite among China's fashion designers, women's trench coats were highlighted at the fashion show. Designers combined traditional fabrics with innovative materials such as leather, linen, and even thin metal wires. And the collections proved to be refreshingly eye-opening.
While stressing individuality and the desire to stand out, the designs also reconciled beauty with comfort.
Models present clothes at the 2019 China Fashion Week. /VCG Photo

Models present clothes at the 2019 China Fashion Week. /VCG Photo

"It's a clash of materials and designs. We've used lots of bold cutting in producing the collection. At the same time, it is rather casual and comfortable. There is a sense of flowing beauty. It really fascinates me," said designer Wang Fei.
Another highlight at the Fashion Week is the theme of lotus blossoms. The elegant shapes and hues of the watery plant display themselves seamlessly on the runway. The modelling and layering produced a unique visual effect, surprisingly subtle and sensitive. 
The ideas have been drawn from both home and abroad.
"Silk materials and other traditional fabrics are our main materials. In design, we pursue innovation and surprise. We are trying to blend elements from the East and the West. You can see many current international trends in our collection. It is quite an organic whole," said Xu Chuanhai, who is a design company executive.
In another collection, blossoms came in an even greater variety. Both casual street wear and styles inspired by the ancient imperial court of China followed the floral theme. The latest technologies have been used to ensure a combination of form and function.