China's efforts in fighting climate change
Li Shiyu, Ma Yunpu

The clock is ticking in the battle against climate change, which has become even more urgent. The UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres said, "We are in trouble, we are in deep trouble with climate change."

While coping with the ever growing pain, China has been trying to cooperate with the global society. During the G20 summit in Argentina, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged members to cooperate and jointly tackle climate change.

China has also constructively participated in the UN framework Convention on Climate Change in Poland last December, proposing "Common but Differentiated Responsibility."

Xie Zhenhua, Chinese special representative on climate change, said, "We did our best to communicate and coordinate with all parties. The Paris Agreement did not come easily. We need to stick to it and honor our commitments."

The country's commitment and persistent efforts have produced progress. The country's carbon missions per GDP unit in 2017 dropped by 46 percent from 2005 levels, meaning China has already met its 2020 target of a 40-to-45 percent drop. 

Power generation by renewable sources accounted for 36 percent of the total amount. By the end of last year, the share of primary energy consumption from renewable sources stood at nearly 14 percent. 

The country's forest stocks volume has also expanded. In 2017, newly planted forests reached over 7 million hectares, making China the global leader in forest resource growth.