The Inspirers: Together we can say no to drugs
Updated 17:32, 15-Jan-2019
CGTN's The Link
Drug abuse is a problem that affects millions in South Africa and often is the reason why people commit crime. But many communities across the rainbow nation, including Roshnee outside of Johannesburg, have started initiatives like Together We Can that educate and create awareness about the dangers of drug addiction. 
Roshnee is a large Indian community started in the 1960s. It's a product of the apartheid era and has survived the oppression of the South African government. But now it is facing the challenge of kids secretly experimenting with different kinds of codeine-based drugs.
The members of Together We Can agree that prevention is better than cure, and as drugs are mostly used at home, they made the decision to educate the community on a family basis. People of Roshnee believe that with every family's awareness and involvement, they can win the war against drugs sooner or later.