Chinese food featured in Kuwait's international festival

Kuwait Friday held the International Food Festival in the Ahmadi Governorate, with the participation of embassies from more than 30 countries.

Among them, the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait presented at the festival spring rolls, noodles, deep-fried dumplings and cultural souvenir. Traditional Chinese handicrafts such as paper-cuts, folding fans, porcelain, lanterns and antithetical couplets are also displayed.

A traditional dish of Chinese spring rolls. /VCG Photo

A traditional dish of Chinese spring rolls. /VCG Photo

Visitors from Arab countries such as Kuwait, Egypt, and Yemen are full of praise for the Chinese foods. Abdul Majed, a Kuwaiti resident, told Xinhua that the Chinese green tea impressed him with its flavor.

"This is the first time I have tasted the Chinese food. I think the Chinese food is very healthy and I like it very much," he said.

The Chinese flag and panda pendants are also popular among visitors, some of whom waved the Chinese flag to take photos in front of the Chinese booth.

Deep-fried dumplings. /VCG Photo

Deep-fried dumplings. /VCG Photo

China's ambassador to Kuwait Li Minggang said that this is the first time that the Chinese embassy has been invited to the food festival.

"China's Spring Festival is coming soon. I hope to share the happiness of the Chinese people with foreign friends," said the ambassador, adding that he also hopes to display the cultural, social and economic development of China through the event.

(Top photo: Chinese food. /VCG Photo)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency