Chinese President Xi sings for Hong Kong’s 20th anniversary
By Meng Yaping

2017-06-30 21:46 GMT+8

1969km to Beijing

‍‍Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a grand gala on Friday night to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China and even showed his musical talent by belting out a tune with a chorus on stage.

The gala, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, featured pop stars and artists from Hong Kong and the mainland, including pianist Lang Lang, kung fu star Donnie Yen and singers Lo Ta-yu, Joey Yung and Karen Mok.

Guests were treated to an audio-visual feast with songs, dance, martial arts and acrobatics performances, as well as traditional Chinese opera.

The show was designed to demonstrate Hong Kong’s achievements under the "One Country, Two Systems" since its return from Britain to China in 1997, and focused on traditional Chinese culture, sports achievements, innovation and the city’s prosperity and future.

 Karen Mok /Xinhua Photo

At the end of the gala, President Xi was invited on stage and joined the chorus in singing the classic Chinese song “Ode to the Motherland”.

Martial arts performance "100 Years of Guoshu: Self-Improvement". /CGTN Photo

Other performances included the China National Acrobatic Troupe who showcased awe-inspiring stunts, an unusual duet by Lang Lang and Donnie Yen playing piano concerto “The Yellow River”, and Taiwanese music icon Lo Ta-yu who sang "Pearl of the Orient", a song inspired by Hong Kong’s nickname, which he wrote in 1991 to praise the region’s beauty and prosperity.

Singer Joey Yung performs at the gala. /CGTN Photo

Xi arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday for celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. He will attend further ceremonies on Saturday, as well as the inauguration of the new Hong Kong government. Xi's three-day trip to the "Pearl of the Orient" is his first visit to the region as Chinese leader.