Tour of Poyang Lake: Nikodemus Holler captures stage four
We switch gears to cycling, and the fourth stage of the Tour of Poyang Lake. The Hengfeng portion of the race considered the most difficult of the 12 legs. Competition is usually more intense, given its mix of short city circuits and gruelling mountain stages that lead to a sizeable cash prize for the winner. Nothing says its time to cycle than a dragon dance.
And then its the start of the 120-point-4-kilometer course, which takes the riders around Shangrao in Hengfeng County. In the mountain area, there are two steep slopes and a gap of more than five hundred meters above the narrow mountain road.
Nikodemus Holler of the German Bike Aid team was able to beat out a pair of Dutch riders, who suffered flat tires. Holler stretching his lead in the last 20 kilometers, and claiming his first stage win, and extend his overall lead. Mongolia's Jambaljamts Sainbayar from China's Panda team earned the climbing king red dot shirt.
The fifth stage will be in Yingtian, where riders will have to go through a 131-point-6-kilometer route, the longest of the event.