Policeman stop traffic with car to guide elderly walker
By Zhou Yiqiu

2017-05-13 22:32 GMT+8

As an old man was halfway across the road in southwest China's Sichuan Province, the traffic light turned green and cars began to move forward.
Trapped between two streams of traffic, the elderly gentleman was saved when a passing policeman stopped his police car in front of the oncoming vehicles to create a "priority channel" for walker. The officer then guided the man over the road and to safety. 
The policeman in the video is Li Kang, who works in a police station under the jurisdiction of Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau. "I was afraid that he would be knocked down or frightened by the passing vehicles,” he said.
The elderly man took 50 seconds to cross the road, but the vehicles waited patiently until he made it to the safety.