Organizations in Spain strive to erase ‘Islamophobia’
By Yang Jing

2017-06-20 14:17 GMT+8

In Spain, hate crime has increased dramatically over the last year. Various organizations believe that this is mainly because of a reaction to the recent terrorist attacks across Europe, CGTN's Dan Williams reports from Madrid. 

Some organizations in Spain have noted a sharp increase in the regularity of anti-Muslim attacks and hate speeches. 

Moha Gerehou, a journalist who also works for SOS Racismo Madrid,  believes recent ISIL terrorist attacks has fuelled anti-Muslim behavior in Spain. 

“During the last years, with every terrorist attack, in Paris, in Brussels or in London, we have seen an increase in Islamophobia, of hate speech and also in aggressions against the Muslim community here in Spain,” said Moha. 

Los Dragones, an inclusive football club from the multi-cultural area of Lavapies in central Madrid, was set up three years ago and it has already welcomed some 130 children from 60 different countries.

The football club aims to bring people together and share ideas through the universal language of football. 

In the meantime, other organizations are working hard to change perceptions. 

“We have to work, we have to take out prejudice, develop awareness material, to give conferences, speak with the institutions, speak with the police and politicians. This is what we can do right now.” said Aurora Ali, a member of Citizens Against Islamophobia.