Japan's Shiki-Shima luxury train makes maiden journey
By Zheng Chenlei

2017-05-02 22:06 GMT+8

2103km to Beijing

A new luxury sleeper train offering passengers traditional comforts like tatami rice straw mats but also modern design like glass ceilings has been put it into service in Japan.
Travelers can enjoy live piano shows in the dining car of the gold-colored Shiki-Shima train.
Inside view of the Shiki-Shima./ VCG Photo
"With the Shiki-Shima, we would like to create a new level of service and history in rail travel," said Tetsuro Tomita, president of the train's operator, East Japan Railway.
‍A four-day trip from Tokyo to northern Hokkaido in the train's top-class suite costs about 10,000 US dollars. Despite the hefty prices, all seats are booked until next March. The railway says a lottery to reserve the largest suite for the debut trip was over-subscribed by 76 times.