Syria labels deadly US air strike as 'terrorism'
By Chen Xuanlan

2017-05-20 09:28 GMT+8

The top negotiator of the Syrian government at peace talks in Geneva has labelled Thursday's US military strike against pro-government forces as "terrorism." The last day of talks is Friday and there has been little sign of progress.

Bashar Al-Ja'afari, head of Syrian government delegation, said, "What is important is that our political ambition is the highest concern for all participating parties, because we want to focus on fighting terrorism. Terrorists and individuals, terrorism by states and governments committed against our country, including American aggression and French aggression at times, and British aggression on our country." 

Al-Ja'afari called Thursday’s strike a "massacre," and said he had raised the issue with UN mediator Staffan de Mistura. Several soldiers were killed when the US military struck a pro-government convoy near the Jordan border. The US says the convoy posed a threat to American troops and allied rebels in the area. Russia has condemned the strike as illegitimate, saying it could harm efforts to fight ISIL.