Singapore PM Meets Trump: PM Lee makes first visit to Trump White House
Singapore's Prime Minister is getting ready for a busy day here in Washington. Lee Hsien Loong and President Donald Trump are expected to discuss trade and security issues, among other topics. And the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is likely to be part of the conversation as well. CGTN's Jessica Stone has more.
JESSICA STONE WASHINGTON DC "According to the Singapore Embassy, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and US President Donald Trump have spoken by phone three times and met in person on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany this summer. But this will be the prime minister's first visit to the Trump White House. One prime topic for discussion is the illegal nuclear and ballistic missile program of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Pyongyang still has an ambassador serving in Singapore. It's expected Trump may put pressure on Prime Minister Lee to remove the DPRK ambassador from Singapore as a way to show displeasure with its program. The White House has been doing that with other governments that have diplomatic relations with Pyongyang. Prime Minister Lee is also active at the APEC regional economic conference and the Association of South Eastern Nations summit. And he's taken a different approach than Trump -- to international trade -- one that's much closer to China's. Remember, Singapore signed-on to the Trans-pacific Partnership trade agreement, which Trump pulled out of early in his term. Here's Prime Minister Lee at the G20 in July."
LEE HSIEN LOONG SINGAPOREAN PRIME MINISTER "We are both strongly committed to an open and international trading system, the rule of law, and sustainable development."
JESSICA STONE WASHINGTON DC "According to the Singapore Embassy, Lee will spend most of Monday with President Trump, including a joint press conference. He'll also make two public speeches on economic and security issues across the region."