Netherlands confirms two nationals kidnapped in Colombia

2017-06-20 14:15 GMT+8 14540km to Beijing
Editor Huang Xinwei

Two employees of the television program "Spoorloos", or "Missing", have been kidnapped in Colombia, the Netherlands confirmed on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry is considering this case as being of "highest priority", but said that releasing further information about its efforts "is not in the interest of those involved."

On Monday, the Colombian military confirmed that the two Dutch journalists were kidnapped in an area near the Venezuelan border.

Derk Johannes Bolt, 62, a television journalist, and Eugenio Ernest Marie, 58, a television cameraman, were captured at the weekend in El Tarra in Norte de Santander, said the military statement.

They were on the way to seek the mother of a Colombian child who was adopted in the Netherlands a few years ago for a program.

The Norte de Santander area is controlled by the National Liberation Army (ELN), the second biggest insurgent group in the country.

The organization kidnapped a Spanish journalist, a long-term Colombia resident, in the same area last year, but the hostage was freed six days later.

The Colombian government has called for the immediate release of the journalists, while dispatching armed forces to the area for search and rescue operations.

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