Belt and Road: Studying at Xiamen University’s Malaysia campus
By Chen Xuanlan

2017-05-11 22:54 GMT+8

Xiamen University’s Malaysia campus marks the first time a top tier Chinese university has branched out overseas. The campus is expanding rapidly, with its first batch of students from China arriving last September.
Aside from getting a first class education overseas and broadening their horizons, some of the students feel they also have a role to play in advancing the aims of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 
There are about 2,000 students, around a quarter of whom are from China and the rest from Malaysia. But the long term goal is to attract more students - 10,000, from other ASEAN countries.
The Malaysian students in Xiamen are doing their part to help strengthen historical ties and build new bonds across cultures in keeping with the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative.