Belt and Road brings new opportunities to infrastructure investment
By Gao Yun

2017-06-02 23:19 GMT+8

1996km to Beijing

By CGTN's Mao Dan

Opportunities offered by the Belt and Road Initiative topped discussions at the 8th International Forum on Investment and Infrastructure Construction in Macao this week.

The two-day event had the theme “Building diversified, innovative and sustainable infrastructure together”. Around 1,700 industry figures from more than 60 countries and regions gathered to exchange ideas and information and to build partnerships. 

The 8th International Forum on Investment and Infrastructure Construction in Macao. /CGTN Photo

According to data released by China’s Ministry of Commerce, the total value of contracts signed by China and other Belt and Road countries in 2016 reached around 240 billion US Dollars. Fang Qiuchen, chairman of the China International Contractors Association, told CGTN that more than two thirds of these contracts have been completed.

And companies at this year's forum - working in the engineering, manufacturing, trade, IT and language services sectors - have been seizing the opportunities the initiative presents.

UK company Quantum Global Solutions signs a new contract with a Chinese construction firm. /CGTN Photo

British consultancy company Quantum Global Solutions signed a deal with a Chinese construction firm and said they expect more contracts to result from the event. The company’s managing director said the potential is huge for the consultancy service as international infrastructure cooperation grows.

US manufacturer Caterpillar introduces the idea of “smart Iron” for infrastructure building. /CGTN Photo

US manufacturer Caterpillar said the Belt and Road Initiative means more need for their local services and funding. Their next direction is to provide smart solutions for infrastructure projects in countries along the Belt and Road.

Hartwig Schfer, vice president of the World Bank, told CGTN that the World Bank welcomes and supports the Belt and Road Initiative. /CGTN Photo

To help investors better address challenges, the forum released a Belt and Road Infrastructure Development Index Report, reviewing the credit risks of countries along the route. Investors can use the report to evaluate whether and how to invest in certain projects. 

The Belt and Road Infrastructure Development Index Report to guide investors in global infrastructure investment. /CGTN Photo

The forum also advocated innovation and sustainability in infrastructure, calling for long-term and forward-looking perspectives in catching opportunities.