'My Life, My China’: Senior Xinhua journalist’s motivation is fighting injustice
By Yan Li

2017-03-19 14:42:07

“My Life, My China” is a series of interviews with 10 Chinese journalists who are also Communist Party members talking about their views on the country and its major issues.
The fuel for Luo Jun’s Xinhua News Agency editorials is her rage at injustice in all its forms – from official corruption in China to Western double standards. Luo, who manages Xinhua’s social media accounts after two years in London as a political correspondent for the agency, says she has seen official government cars parked outside of entertainment facilities in broad daylight and is aware of cases where money has bought power.
For her, the person who embodies the true values of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is her grandfather, a CPC member and toy company manager who cared for others but was always strict with himself.
Luo is also very concerned about global terrorism. She condemns the Western-centric view held by mainstream media that refused to acknowledge a 2014 mass knife attack in a train station in Yunnan as an act of terror. “I don’t want that kind of ‘free media;’ I want our media to be responsible and accountable. That’s why I became a journalist for Xinhua,” she said.
“My Life, My China” was jointly produced by China Institute, Fudan University and Guan Video.