Over 100,000 new Chinese organ donors register in 2016
By Deng Junfang

2017-03-31 21:50 GMT+8

China saw 104,538 new organ donation volunteers last year, almost 100 times more than in 2010, statistics showed.
Nearly 170,000 organ donors had registered by the end of 2016, of which over 60 percent were young or middle-aged, according to the China Organ Donation Administrative Center (CODAC).
Data revealed that almost 11,300 vital organs were donated nationwide last year, an increase of 45 percent from 2015. By the end of 2016, China had recorded 9,996 cases of post-death organ donation, resulting in 27,613 vital organs.
In CODAC, a branch of the Red Cross Society of China, every organ donation case in China must now be registered. Since 2010, it has been working to improve organ donation in China.
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