Basketball feast on Beijing court in All-Star Game

2017-01-09 22:04 GMT+8 7km to Beijing
Editor Zhang Ruijun
The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) held its annual All-Star Game at the LeSports Center in Beijing on Sunday night. The CBA's top players were divided into the league's traditional North and South teams, for the latest installment of the mid-season showcase. 
About 18,000 fans were in attendance to watch the biggest stars of the CBA. The Beijing Ducks player Stephon Marbury was playing in what could well be his last All-Star Game. The arena had a relaxed mood but to local fans, the spectacle of mascot antics and high scores was an exciting prospect. 
Beijing Ducks player Stephon Marbury on court for the Chinese Basketball Association All-Star Game on January  8, 2017. /CFP Photo‍
The opening ceremony raised the curtain in glittering fashion. All the players brought their own style to the game in a bid to add an element of exhibition and pure entertainment. As for Marbury, the 39-year-old clearly enjoyed appearing on his home court, as he gave Ducks fans plenty to cheer about. 
The basketball gala ended up with victory for the North. Chinese players Guo Ailun and Ding Yanyuhang helped edge the South 149-147. Jimmer Fredette contributed with a game-high 32 points for the South, and the American seemed to enjoy his first All-Star experience in China. 
Shandong player Ding Yanyuhang 's slam dunk at the CBA All-Star game on January 8, 2017. /CFP Photo
"I'm very happy to have such a performance, thanks to my teammates, who were selfless in this game. It was a tight contest in the end, but fortunately, we ended up winners,” CBA All-Star Game MVP Ding Yanyuhang from Shandong said after the game, “Recently I have been playing well. I hope I can keep that momentum in the New Year. I hope my team can keep improving. We are now in seventh place, so it will still be tough during the rest of the season." 
During half-time, Sun Minghui of Guangsha scored 100 points with two rounds in the Slam Dunk Contest final. Three-point champion went to Fredette, the prolific shooter who has led Shanghai to the top of the CBA standings. 
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