Littering costs three men public apology, fine

2017-06-20 11:58 GMT+8
Editor Sun Xiao

Three men in their twenties were ordered to make an apology through social media for polluting a tourist attraction in Haikou, capital of south China’s vacation resort, Hainan Province, according to Hainan Daily on Sunday.

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They were decoration workers from other cities of the island province, who reportedly littered an observation deck at Wanlyuyuan Garden earlier last week as they were waiting to watch sunrise.

As the photos spread online, the rubbish was scattered, including peanut shells, beer cans, cigarette butts and cardboards, which were likely to pollute waters of Qiongzhou Strait too.

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The trio told the local police that they did not have plastic bags, were drunk and left the garbage there. 

The municipal government urged police to hunt for them and asked them to make a public apology through newspapers and TV.

One of the three, surnamed Yang is explaining on local TV./Photo from Hainan TV

In their public apology, all admitted their fault and reminded the public to behave.

As for punishments, they received a fine of 50 yuan for each from the city management administration.

A view of Haikou City. /VCG Photo

Located on the northeast of the island, Haikou has strived to serve as an example for public health since 2015. Over the past two years, the municipal government has made all efforts to revamp city's image and improve the city's environment.

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