One Belt, One Road provides platform for China-Thailand cooperation

2017-04-14 14:54 GMT+8
Editor Wang Kailin
As business becomes more global, One Belt, One Road(OBOR) is providing a platform for new trade partnerships. 
One Belt, One Road aims to break down barriers and promote co-operation between nations. OBOR brings a new industry and a new initiative: solar panels being manufactured to produce renewable power. This is a Chinese company but the factory is in Thailand.
Thailand factories
Zhongli Talesun Solar, from China’s Jiangsu Province, is one of more than 80 Chinese companies to open factories at a Thai-Chinese Industrial Zone, at Rayong in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor. 
The general manager of Zhongli Talesun Solar said they came to Thailand because it is a key destination for China under the One Belt, One Road initiative. They choose the zone because the infrastructure and facilities are very good.
With a 320 million US dollar investment in its Thai factory, Zhongli Talesun is one of many Chinese enterprises reaching out internationally under Belt and Road.
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