Shandong Province: Two police officers escort a senior citizen across road

2017-03-22 15:50:39 GMT+8
Editor Mi Xue
Chinese police officers Yu Yingcheng and Wang Weiguang escorted a physically challenged senior citizen across the road amid hectic traffic in the city of Laizhou, Shandong Province on Monday.
The two officers spotted the senior citizen and one of them got off from their motorcycle to help. One police officer managed to guide vehicles to make a detour around the senior citizen, while the other officer helped block the road with his vehicle. 
The two police officers were credited as “two handsome good Samaritans” by Chinese netizens. Many people salute and thumb up, but some argued that left-turning vehicles should have stopped to make way for the senior citizen. 
Many also credited that their behavior are full of positive energy and they make the  world a better place.
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