Elon Musk corrects Twitter user who mocks ‘Made in China’
By Gavin Neale Blackburn

2017-07-06 21:29 GMT+8

Canadian-American tycoon Elon Musk has hit back on Twitter at a user who mocked the quality of Chinese manufacturing.

After Sunday’s failed launch of the Long March-5 Y2 rocket, Musk took to Twitter to commiserate, saying, “Sorry to hear about China launch failure today.”

One user from India tweeted back saying, “What else can you expect from Made in China things?”

Musk promptly replied with "Actually, China manufacturing quality is excellent. Among other things, that's where iPhones, many Android phones & most laptops are made."

The conversation between Elon Musk and the user "omkar banore". /CGTN screenshot

While the Indian user’s comment was liked 84 times, other Twitter users sided with Musk.

"Innie Ceres" said, "The China of 20 years ago is not the same as the China of today. Made in China is no longer a sign of bad quality."

While “ianZ” posted, "I agree ... China is going places. They have plans ... goals ... big aspirations. We should try that again. The USA I mean."

Sunday's launch fail was a major disappointment in China. /CGTN screenshot

Musk is certainly in a position to sympathize with the disappointment in China following Sunday’s failed launch.

His SpaceX company saw two aborted attempts before finally launching a commercial communications satellite using a Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday.

The launch from its LC-39A launch facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center also marked the 10th of SpaceX's more than 20 launches planned this year.

(With inputs from Xinhua)