China, Russia oppose THAAD deployment at Moscow Conference
By Huang Yichang

2017-04-27 22:07 GMT+8

The THAAD issue has taken center stage at the sixth Moscow Conference. During a joint briefing involving both China and Russia, Major-General ‍Cai Jun of the People's Liberation Army said the THAAD deployment would inevitably deteriorate the international security environment. 
He said South Korea was seeking absolute unilateral military superiority through the installation. He added it was all a part of the US's global anti-missile strategy, which aims to further blockade the Asia-Pacific region, ultimately weakening the strategic capacity of China and Russia. 
However, in a bid to safeguard their security interests and maintain a regional strategic balance, both countries said they would undertake further measures. Russia called for the THAAD deployment to be halted, and to seek solutions through dialogue instead.