‘China mode’ sets example for int’l organ donation
By Chen Shi

2017-08-05 23:16 GMT+8

Organ transplant professionals from the world’s major institutions have gathered at the organ transplantation conference opened on Thursday in Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan Province. 

They shared their opinions on China’s achievements in reforming its organ donation and transplantation system during the past decade. 

Huang Jiefu, China’s pioneer of this undertaking, said at the conference that China had established a complete system covering organ procurement and allocation, transplant surgery and monitoring, among other aspects. He also said China is willing to cooperate with the international community and share the so-called “China mode” with other countries. 

Experts said that great changes had taken place in China since 2015 when the use of organs from executed criminals were banned, and they hope China can take the lead in pushing forward the reform globally.