Catering to furry pals: Pet-friendly café opens in Hangzhou

2017-06-18 12:23 GMT+8
Editor Song Jingyu

Do you feel sad leaving your pet at home when you head out for a meal? Residents in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, can now take their animals with them thanks to a newly opened local café. /Chinanews Photo

The café serves food for both humans and animals, satisfying both sides’ appetites. Diners can pamper their beloved furry friends by ordering specially designed nutritious meals and cakes. /Chinanews Photo

Customers can enjoy afternoon tea time with their own four-legged friends, while indulging in some playtime with others’ pets as well. /Chinanews Photo

According to China's National Bureau of Statistics, China’s pet market (only including cats and dogs) reached 17.2 billion yuan (around 2.52 billion US dollars) in 2016 with an average annual compound growth rate of 49.1 percent over the past six years. /zjol.com Photo

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