East Africa’s telecom experts discuss boosting Internet access
By Xie Zhenqi

2017-05-28 08:10 GMT+8

9224km to Beijing

By CGTN Africa

East Africa’s top fiber optics communication technology experts have met in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

The meeting, themed “Optical Infrastructure for One African Digital Economy”, explored ways fiber optic networks can contribute to Africa’s economy.

African countries have accelerated their efforts in connectivity, with governments and investors extending networks deep in the heart of the continent.

Only 18 percent of the African continent are connected to the Internet, the lowest rate in the world, compared to 78 percent in Europe and 81 percent in North America. 

However, Internet penetration has increased significantly. Despite the challenges ahead, considerable work is being done for developing broadband infrastructure throughout the continent.

Biud Mulongo, part of the Old Mutual Emerging Markets-East Africa Groups, told CGTN Africa: “Fiber optics is a key technology for Africa’s economic growth because of the increasing demand for data, the emerging business model shifting from a traditional model to e-commerce. The mobile banking, for example, it means we are moving from the traditional banking to Internet banking.”