2017 World Fly-in Expo: Event attracts more than a thousand participants to Wuhan
Shifting focus to the skies of Wuhan where a world-class aviation sports event is taking place. Earlier today the 2017 World Fly-in Expo opened in the central Chinese city, attracting industrial participants from around the world. Cha Ke has more.
The WFE, which runs until Tuesday, is being jointly hosted by the World Air Sports Federation, the Aero Sports Federation Of China, the Wuhan government, and the Hubei Sports Bureau. The event will feature 788 aircraft, with 588 of them participating in air shows. An additional 200 exhibitions are also being showcased. Aviation sports competitions, interactive activities, and forums are also set to be held at this event.
JING XIANGGUO, DEPUTY FLIGHT COMMANDER WORLD FLY-IN EXPO The event will be organized every two years. This year is the first one. There will be many highlights during the event. Many models of aircraft will exhibit at the event, setting a record for such expos hosted by China.
The international aircraft expo will draw more than 1,000 participants, including pilots, athletes, coaches and judges - all from over 20 countries and regions. A staggering 300,000 spectators are also expected. Homemade planes, including the SL600, a light aircraft developed by private enterprise Zall Airlines here in Wuhan, will makes it debut at the expo.
FAN XIAOLAN, PRESIDENT ZALL AIRLINES As a member of Zall Airlines, we are so proud to participate in this fly-in expo. I believe with the support of aviation enthusiasts, our aviation industry will become better and better.
The expo will last for four days and host its maiden flight at the expo's opening show. And once the skies are clear, the grounds will be transformed into a civil airport. CHA KE, CGTN.