Almost 23 percent Chinese people consider themselves "life's winners", says study
By Wang Wei

2017-02-16 21:07:47

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In recent decades, "winners in life" has become a regular term in the vocabulary of ordinary Chinese citizens, especially in urban areas. Recent research has found that nearly 23 percent respondents would use the term to describe themselves. 
After examining over 2,000 completed questionnaires from cities across China, the survey, conducted by the China Youth Daily in Beijing, shows that 49.9 percent people believe that life's winners are quite common among their acquaintances, and that 22.8 percent consider themselves winners in life. 
The top three criteria to determine if you are a "winner" are career success, contentment in marriage, and happiness in family life. It is notable that the criteria are greatly diversified in contrast with what it was a decade ago. 
Top three criteria for life's winners in China
He Bingqing, a postgraduate student in Beijing, admitted that, for many of her friends, success in life entails enormous wealth and extraordinary intelligence, but she holds different standards. "But for me, completing my master's degree and securing a well-paid job is more than enough to qualify me as a winner."
Lin Tieqiang, a retired worker in the city of Dalian, also has his distinctive definition of success, which involves no more than regular dinners with his old pals and occasional sight-seeing trips with his wife. 
Zhang Baoyi, a sociologist in Tianjin, says that the definition of what it means to be a "winner" has undergone a transformation for the past decade or so, as more and more are dropping absolute standards, like fame and fortune, to embrace a life of their own.