Ice & Snow World: Visitors can experience numerous winter activities in NE China
It's a different winter story in the northeastern part of China. Cities and villages are promoting their snow and ice to attract tourists. People come from home and abroad to get a taste of this winter wonderland. Gary Anglebrandt has more.
For people who grew up in Northeast China, snow and ice are no strangers to them. A red lantern hanging up and a fence outside of the house, snow falling, this is a typical winter sight in the rural areas of Northeast China. At a scenic area in Liaoning province, visitors can get to see and experience the snow and ice for themselves.
"It's so beautiful here. It doesn't snow in Guangxi. I feel so excited to see snow."
"I brought the traditional winter clothes myself. I want to relive the memories of my childhood."
And, in Heilongjiang province, a group of brave people are challenging their extremes in water - at minus 30 degrees Celsius. Some say it was an experience of a lifetime.
"The water is so cold, I feel it's biting me. We have challenged ourselves and we will definitely come next time."
"We come from the city of Guangzhou. The lowest water temperature in Guangzhou is about 8 or 9 degrees Celsius. But here, the temperature is minus 30 degrees. We've never experienced it before. Anyway, we feel so cool and happy to swim in the icy water."
As the temperature gets lower, many activities related to snow and ice are promoted to help local tourism, in the hopes of turning this "cold" resource into a "hot" industry. Gary Anglebrandt, CGTN.