Chinese beer makes inroads in German market
By Xu Jiayuan

2017-07-06 15:14 GMT+8

In Germany, Hamburg is a key city along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Being the second largest port in Europe, Hamburg’s nickname is “Gateway to the World,” and with the Belt and Road Initiative, Hamburg's port is now testament to the way China’s “New Silk Road” is benefiting both Chinese and foreign companies.

Germany is famous for its beer, but Tsingtao beer, a Chinese brand, is now gaining popularity in the country.

Bi Weifeng, General Manager of Tsingtao Brewery, believes that the new maritime Silk Road has been the reason for this.

"We can fully use the oneness of the logistics of Belt and Road-related countries to speed up our steps of entering the European market, and other markets in the world,” said Bi.

Tsingtao beer started exploring the German market in 1980. The Chinese brand now sells about 3.6 million bottles in Germany every year. Nearly nine million containers passed through Hamburg last year. Around a third of them either came from China, or were headed there.