Doctor turned pianist - patients enjoy calming melodies
By Zhang Ruijun

2017-04-29 18:28 GMT+8

5km to Beijing

By CGTN's Hu Chao 
31-year-old Wang Jiawan is an anesthesiologist at Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing. Aside from her daily duties, Wang is also known to some patients as being more than just a doctor. She has been playing the piano for her patients for two years, usually playing in the morning at the end of a night shift. Wang plays twice a week. She believes that music helps comfort patients.
The piano located in the main hall of Chaoyang Hospital. /CGTN Photo 
In 2014, Chaoyang Hospital placed a piano in its main hall, encouraging people to play the musical instrument. Along came Wang, the hospital's only doctor who uses the piano on a regular basis.
Wang Jiawan, anesthesiologist at Chaoyang Hospital. /CGTN Photo 
The hospital is often crowded with people lining up to see their doctors, but luckily for them, they're given gracious melodies to relax to. Wang plays soft and joyful music to help patients and other people at the hospital feel a sense of calm. She says playing the piano also helps her relax after a long night shift.
Wang prefers playing soft and joyful music. /CGTN Photo
Wang learned to play the piano as a child. In 2011, while studying in the US and living with an American family, she played the instrument every day for her landlord, who was suffering from cancer. She said her landlord often felt better because of the music.
Patients and visitors watch Wang play the piano in the hospital's main hall. /CGTN Photo 
Many patients at the hospital say they like her music. Once, an elderly patient bought her a drink while she was playing. Wang said she was touched by the act. The doctor says she will keep on filling the hospital with music, as it makes her happy to know that her patients are enjoying her impromptu concerts.