Looking China series: Kangding, confluence between the old and new
By Zhang Meng

2017-02-02 14:49 GMT+8

Looking China is a short film series made by a group of young film directors from over 20 countries. They traveled to various places across China, making films and exploring Chinese culture with the help of students from local universities.
The film "Colors in the Cup" explores the historical significance of Kangding on the tea horse road as a main intersection of Tibetan tea horse trade. 
Chinese Han and Tibetan population have been living in the area together, just like Wang Zhima and his wife in this short documentary.
A cup of butter tea in Kangding city has also been used as a metaphor to capture the charming culture of Kangding.
Looking China is a short film series offering a glimpse of China through the lens of 20 foreign filmmakers. We will be sharing their stories in the coming days and weeks.