Spanish sandman: Borja Gonzalez takes Beijing on dreamy journey
By Deng Junfang

2017-05-23 10:57 GMT+8

By CGTN’s Zhang Ke, Luo Chen

We’re used to seeing art as something that will last forever, like a work that stays alive after the death of the artist. But art can also be created to exist for just a moment, as "Dreams of Sand", a sand-painting performance presented by a Spanish artist Borja Gonzalez has shown the audience in Beijing.

Set in a dreamland created by Gonzalez, the innovative show tells the life story of two people -- from the dreams that start building up in their childhood, through to the experiences of their adult lives.

With only a little bit of sand and Gonzalez's hands, this imaginary world is brought to life.

 “Dreams of Sand” performance by Spanish artist Borja Gonzalez. /CGTN Photo

The sand painting sequence invites the audience on an emotional journey across the world. It encourages them to reflect on the feelings, experiences and memories shared along the way. 

The stories told in "Dreams of Sand" also reflect the artist's personal history. 

"The inspiration is my own life. I liked drawing when I was a little child. After years of study, I became a sand painting artist. It was a dream coming true for me. I am also inspired by people around me, and their beautiful dreams and stories. I believe that the audience will resonate with it, because no matter your race, your culture, we all have similar dreams," Gonzalez said. 

And it's not just sand art.

“Dreams of Sand” performance by Spanish artist Borja Gonzalez. /CGTN Photo

The show is accompanied by sensitive and beautiful live music.

Gonzalez showcased his exceptional talent in an 80-minute performance, transcending language and national boundaries, and building a magical world that integrates sand paintings, live music, and puppet shows. 

"Dreams of Sand" is one of the highlights of the 17th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival, a major cultural event stretching annually from late April to the end of May and featuring artists from 22 countries this year.

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