Helmu Kohl’s legacy: balanced and practical policy

2017-06-20 20:40 GMT+8
Editor Zhang Ruijun

By CGTN’s Shen Shiwei

As one of the longest serving German chancellors, Helmut Kohl was regarded as the architect of German reunification and a strong contributor of European integration. At his age, Kole and other political figures have left many legacies to the global order post World War II. 

Handelsblatt correspondent Frank Sieren said Helmut Kohl was a clear minded leader and knew what he could achieve especially facing many difficulties during the 1980's. 

His biggest achievement was to have good negotiations with big powers like the US, the UK, France, and the former Soviet Union under a complex situation. 

Kohl's second biggest achievement was to make Germany and France, the long-time rivals could work together to build up Europe. He was always thinking about balancing from politic perspective. 

Einar Tangen, author and columnist, noted apart from an experienced negotiator, Kohl had a very good view on global politics. Kohl has made good relations with other western countries and Israel. 

In terms of human rights, Kohl believes that it shall be practiced at home rather than preached abroad. This is a quite big distinction compared with other leaders. He has a very good sense of what is necessary on political bases. 

Gu Xuewu, Director of Center for Global Studies at Bonn University said Kohl’s proactive stance on the peaceful reunification of Germany has laid foundation for globalization and liberal economy. 

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