Where is Mao Sun?
By Sun Xiao

2017-02-02 12:43 GMT+8

Our obsession with pandas continues – and here we are trying to spot one.
A photo posted by an unidentified Sina Weibo user has been widely spread on China’s social networks during the Spring Festival vacation, and people are scrambling to spot the panda named Mao Sun.
@Chengdutongchenghui Weibo Photo
Some have been able to see the panda in a tree while some others who are more meticulous even said there is another panda far from Mao Sun.
Photo via Weibo
As to this panda that likes to climb, only visitors in the park can tell how hard to shoot a photo clearly showing Ma Sun and they had to zoom in with their camera lens but they only had their photos like these:
Photo via Weibo
 Photo via Weibo
Photo via Weibo
Well, the answer is the panda in the tree is Mao Sun. 
@Chengdutonghenghui Weibo Photo
Mao Sun and Mao Zhu are twin pandas born in 2014. They were named after a public poll and their names “Sun” and “Zhu” are the Chinese pronunciations of “bamboo” and “bamboo shoot.”
newssc.org Photo