China political season: What is the CPPCC?
Updated 10:56, 28-Jun-2018
The CPPCC, also known as the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, is neither a body of state power nor a policy-making organ.
It rather serves as an advisory committee for the National People's Congress, made up of people from all aspects of Chinese society.
Members gather to contribute their ideas and suggestions in whatever way they see fit to benefit the development of China.
But the CPPCC also supervises the implementation of the Constitution, the country's various rules and regulations, and the work of government agencies and their functionaries. 
The advisory body in fact was responsible for the birth to the People’s Republic of China in 1949 through the drafting of its original constitution, known as the Common Program. During its first plenary session that year, Beijing was made the capital city, the five-star red flag the national flag, March of the Volunteers the national anthem, and the common era calendar was adopted.
Until 1954, it was the central decision-making body for the new Chinese state when the first National People’s Congress convened.