Haven of Heritage: Three stories of returning to one's roots
Updated 10:51, 28-Jun-2018
By CGTN's Shi Yan and Xu Yanqiu
When we’re young, we may choose to leave home in search of adventure, experience and knowledge. But as the following stories show, decades of absence can leave people yearning to return to their roots. 

A Museum of Culture and Traditions

The Bird’s Nest and Water Cube are well-known tourist spots in Beijing. They were the two main venues for the 2008 Olympic Games. Anyone interested in knowing what the area where they are located used to be like, can visit the Wali Museum. It was founded by Yang Delu, who witnessed the demolition of his village to make way for the two iconic structures. Yang hopes that his museum will keep alive the memory of Wali’s culture and traditions.

Nostalgia Brings a Scholar Back Across the Taiwan Straits‍

Born in Putian, Fujian Province, Lin Niansheng went to Taiwan at the age of five. Sixty years later, after he retired as a university lecturer on the island, a strong sense of nostalgia for his home town brought him back to Putian. There, he dedicates his time to teaching the children of poor families.

Falling Leaves Settle by the Roots

Cheng Ping is a Beijing resident. But growing up in the big city, she felt like a fish out of water. Her father had left his home in Inner Mongolia as a young man to join the army. But in his 70s, he felt a strong desire to return to his home town, saying that it was the only place he would ever rest in peace. In Xinlitun, where her father was born, Cheng Ping herself feels a sense of belonging.
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