Boao Youth Forum for Asia: Role of youth in globalization and free trade in focus
The 2017 Boao Youth Forum For Asia was held in Hong Kong on Thursday. Ever since its inception in 2009, the forum has focused on propelling youth forward, shining the spotlight on their role in global economic development. And at this year's forum, globalization and free trade were in focus with Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other senior officials attending the gathering. CGTN's Mao Dan reports from Hong Kong.
More than 2,000 industry experts and young people are gathered in Hong Kong for the Boao Youth Forum for Asia. As an influential forum dedicated to youth, the event brings together leaders from politics, economics, business and academics. It also attracts young entrepreneurs and over 900 students from more than 20 schools in Hong Kong. Participants believe the forum will shed new light on how to create growth for Hong Kong in a new era of globalization.
WITMAN HUNG, CHAIRMAN EMERITUS THE Y. ELITES ASSOCIATION We are a finance center. So in this new globalization with Belt and Road Initiative there is a lot of investment required. I think Hong Kong can play this role of attracting money from different areas, different countries to co-invest into the Belt and Road.
The one-day Forum is themed "The Future of Globalization and Free Trade – The Role of Youth". It has three sessions focusing on topics like the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the challenges of artificial intelligence and the advancements of globalization. Boao Forum chief Zhou Wenzhong says that in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Greater Bay Area will have a much important role to play.
ZHOU WENZHONG, SECRETARY GENERAL BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau-Greater Bay Area has special positional advantages in line with the Belt and Road Initiative. The initiative is China's proposal to boost globalization and will bring immense opportunities. Hong Kong should find its potion and bring into full play its own role in the Greater Bay Area so as to achieve further development.
A key message from this year's forum is that new development will also mean great opportunities for the younger generation.
MAO DAN HONG KONG The Boao Youth Forum for Asia has been held in Hong Kong annually since 2009. It has served as a unique platform for economic and other discussions from the perspective of young people. It's also a platform to involve the youth in talks to analyze the opportunities and challenges for Asia and the world in their future development. Mao Dan, For CGTN, at the Boao Youth Forum for Asia, Hong Kong.