Amateur florists thrive in Senegal's plant industry
By Ge Ning

2017-03-28 18:16:39

In Senegal, the business of ornamental plants is flourishing. Florists grow, maintain, and sell ornamental plants near major avenues in the capital city, Dakar.
A large number of these florists are only amateurs and have learned the trade while on the job, yet still manage to make a living. However, the professionals say amateurs pose a threat to their careers, while the amateurs say they too have to make a living.
“Every day, I make between $50-83 [US dollars]. It is with great pride that I come to my nursery every morning and I know that I will fulfill my dreams in this business,” said Babacar Diop, an amateur florist.
Senegal is one of the few countries in West Africa that offer training in horticulture. Despite its profitability, the florist's trade remains relatively unknown among the country's youth.