CPC Discipline Inspection Meeting: Highlights of China's top anti-graft watchdog meeting
In an earlier program, CGTN's Wang Hui told us more about the meeting's highlights.
WANG HUI The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China's Central Committee, Xi Jinping, participated in the meeting on Thursday, and called for more anti-corruption efforts to "fundamentally improve the political ecosystem of the Party".
In his speech, Xi called for strengthening full and strict governance over the Party. He required measures to address both the "symptoms and the root causes of corruption, to secure a sweeping victory in the fight against corruption". He said strict Party governance should be expanded to the grassroots level and this work should be done together with a crackdown on gang crimes to uproot both the gangs and the "protective umbrellas" above them.
He also called for more international cooperation to fight corruption. Xi also said that party governance should focus on upholding and strengthening the Party's leadership and upholding the authority of the centralized, unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee.
Xi said that all-round efforts should see the Party's political achievements enhanced, its theory strengthened, its organizations consolidated, its "conduct improved", and its "discipline enforced", with "institution building" incorporated into every aspect of "Party building".